What we do

Jigsaw is a Risk Purchasing Group that provides independent professional counselors and therapists working with School Districts in California with access to sexual abuse liability insurance which can be difficult for professionals, especially small operators and individuals, to obtain.

Our insurance

  • Sexual abuse liability insurance for independent professional counselors and therapists when they are working in, for, or with California School Districts
  • Coverage meets School District contractually mandated requirements, including the $3,000,000 limit
  • A rated carrier (A.M. Best)
  • Competitive pricing based on the number of days you (a counselor or therapist) work in School Districts or with pupils from School Districts
  • No shared limits – aggregate limit per insured
  • School Districts you work with will be automatically added as Additional Insured.  
  • Competitive premiums and low SIRs

Our service

  • Insurance available on-line here – usually takes less than 5 minutes from start to bind
  • Premium paid by credit card
  • Policy with additional insured certificate emailed to you on binding
  • Superior after sales service and support
  • No obligation unless you qualify for and want insurance through Jigsaw

Focused coverage

Your activities

The sexual abuse liability insurance coverage available online via Jigsaw applies to work performed by you as long as you are one of the types of counselor or therapist listed in our online application.

If you would like us to try to help you access coverage for other activities, please contact us at info@jigsawrisk.com.


Your clients

Coverage applies when you are working at, for, or with a School District named as an additional insured also listed during our online application. 

These School Districts have contacted us and completed an abuse registry check declaration.  You will know your School District has contacted us if they are listed in our application. 

If the School District you work with is not on the list in our application or you want us to try to help you find coverage for your work with other types of client, let us know at info@jigsawrisk.