What is Jigsaw?

Jigsaw Risk Management was formed in 2019.

In a deteriorating sexual abuse and misconduct liability insurance marketplace, Jigsaw was created to help organizations access the London market so anyone looking for sexual abuse and misconduct liability insurance (SML) could find it.  

We still provide that core service.

But we have also come to realize that many people working with children want to do more than the minimum required of them to protect children.  They also want to do more than buy insurance to protect their organizations.

So, whether you are looking for sexual abuse insurance, help with protecting children, or advice on how to protect your organization if you cannot prevent sexual abuse, you are in the right place.

Who are our partners?

Risk Placement Services (RPS) is our insurance partner.  They perform all insurance-related activities with you.

BOKRIM is our sexual abuse risk management partner.  They have developed a sexual abuse risk management system (BRM) that enables any organization to use best practices to manage sexual abuse risk, even if they have no previous risk management experience.

Ask for BOKRIM’s free Ten-Step Guide to using risk management best practices to protect children from sexual abuse here.

Who will contact me after I complete an insurance application?

Jigsaw aims to help organizations manage all aspects of sexual abuse risk and insurance is one valuable tool for that but Jigsaw is not an insurance agency.  

Jigsaw has no insurance license.  

The application you are completing will go via our partner, RPS (one of the largest insurance agencies in the country) to London.  London usually provide terms back to RPS within 24 hours and you should hear from RPS shortly after that.   

Why 'Jigsaw'?

Jigsaw can help any person or organization obtain coverage, but we specialize in helping people and organizations who find it hard to get coverage.  For example, you may be an independent professional who, for example, spends unsupervised time with school-aged clients.  Fitting into a school environment as an external counselor or therapist can be difficult.  Fitting into the underwriting requirements of commercial insurers can also be difficult; that’s why we thought Jigsaw was an appropriate name.

What are the advantages of Jigsaw's coverage?

Jigsaw’s coverage provides for defense against allegations of a failure to prevent sexual abuse and any of the related civil allegations commonly made if sexual abuse occurs.  Jigsaw’s coverage doesn’t protect you if you are criminally charged.

We also make the coverage easy to buy; it usually takes no more than a few minutes to apply for coverage.

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of sexual abuse risk, please email us at info@jigsawrisk.com

Who provides the insurance coverage?

The coverage is underwritten by an A. M. Best ‘A’ rated carrier.

Who else is insured under my policy?

If you are buying sexual abuse and misconduct liability insurance to comply with a contractual requirement, you probably need to have the entity you are contracted to named as an additional insured. 

Just let us know and we can usually add them.

How much coverage do I need?

We typically offer limits from $500,000 up to $5,000,000, but even more can be available for larger organizations.

What are the charges in addition to my premium?

In addition to the premium charged by the insurer, we add a policy issuance fee and surplus lines tax.  There are commissions included in the premium for the various brokers involved in designing the insurance but we keep the premiums as low as possible by separately charging for the fees and taxes noted.

When should I notify a claim?

You should notify your insurer immediately you become aware that a claim or suit may be, is going to be, or has been filed against you.

Your policy will have all the information if you need to make the notification. 

You can also email us at info@jigsawrisk.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Do I need to notify Jigsaw Risk of anything other than a claim or possible claim?

You should notify us immediately you are, for any reason, prevented by law from working with minors or vulnerable adults. 

What if I have a complaint?

We take any complaint seriously and are committed to helping resolve complaints about us or the service you have received.

Usually, the best way to address any complaint is to raise the issue as soon as it comes up with the person you are dealing with.

Even if you don’t notice the issue right away, you can always get in touch with us at any time to voice your complaint. To contact us, please email us at info@jigsawrisk.com.

Please include details of who you are, your certificate number if applicable, and your complaint.  Please provide as much information as possible, so we can help you as quickly as possible. 

If you can also consider what solution you think is appropriate, that can also speed up the process of resolving your complaint.

How can I contact Jigsaw?

You can email us at info@jigsawrisk.com or use this contact form.