SAM Insurance Application – from BOKRIM

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Jigsaw Risk Management is a risk purchasing group administered by Risk Placement Services Inc (RPS).   RPS is a licensed insurance intermediary, BOKRIM is not.  Jigsaw/RPS and BOKRIM are unrelated.

If you would like Jigsaw/RPS to explore the SAM insurance market for SAM liability insurance terms for you, please complete the application form below as fully as possible

When you submit the completed form, Jigsaw/RPS will use the information you provide to try to obtain a quotation for SAM insurance for you. 

If you have any questions for BOKRIM about this arrangement, please call (415) 598-4255.  Because BOKRIM is not a licensed insurance intermediary, they will not be able to answer any insurance-related questions.

If you would like to RPS about  SAM insurance or this application, please call (630) 285-3790.  RPS are wholesale insurance intermediaries and will be able to help you find an agent who can help you with any insurance-related questions you may have.